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Located about 35 miles southeast of Columbus
and 8 miles west of Lancaster, Ohio.

We are sold out of trees for the season.
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Saum Family Farms currently has 3 generations living and working on the farm. We can trace our roots on the farm back to the 1800ís and two more generations. The farm started as a typical farm with crops and animals. Over the years we have diversified to keep it a viable family farm. The farm currently has traditional crops such as corn, wheat, beans, hay and straw. We also have a sweet corn and fresh vegetable business in summer time, and in the fall we wholesale pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. Saum Family Farms is also know for its Christmas trees. We wholesale and retail Christmas trees.

In additional to the crops and plants we grow, we also have animals on the farm. Saum Family Farm raises commercial hogs, has a herd of Boer goats, a herd of dairy goats, a few beef cattle, and Fjord draft horses.

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Summer Sunrise over the tree farm.

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